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Another '4 Element Photo' just published by National Geographic - 2 in one week!!!

All I can say is wow! To get one of your photos published by National Geographic is a rarity and an honor, but to get two separate photos published by two separate Nat Geo editors in one week, well that's just friggin sweet!!!

My photo "Etched" was just published in the Nat Geo Your Shot - "Plant Kingdom" story online. I love this for a couple of reasons. First, there were almost 9,200 photos submitted to this story that the editor had to choose from, and he chose mine as one the only 28 that made the story - so huge honor there.

Second is that this photo represents artistic vision and effort. I was in this forest in Chilliwack and for some reason had the thought that I wanted to try a new shooting technique to give the photo some life - my goal was to make it look like a pencil drawing. In the end I was proud of it and it was one of the first times for me where I envisioned a shot using alternate photography techniques in the field - in other words I got artsy, and that usually just looks hokey! But that's what I love about photography, the artistic license and the ability to constantly learn and try new techniques - which sometimes, very rarely, turns out in the end. Ultimately, you look at things differently which changes your perspective on the world around you - which is a great thing!

So again, the biggest thanks to the editors of National Geographic for showing the love for 4 Element Photos!

Peace, S.

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