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Another '4 Element Photo' published by National Geographic in today's Daily Dozen - 4th

Ummmmm, sweet! Again awesome news to wake up to, another publication by National Geographic, this being the 4th photo published by them in under 3 weeks! I am not sure what's going on but I am sure happy that Nat Geo is showing so much love to 4 Element Photos! This time, my photo "Wiseman in Pines" was chosen, which is kinda cool because its a photo I just stumbled on randomly on a walk. Goes to show, the more time you spend in nature, the better the chance of these amazing animal encounters! Huge thanks as always to the editors of NG, recognition from you means a lot to me! Peace, S.

Another '4 Element Photo' just published by National Geographic - 2 in one week!!!

All I can say is wow! To get one of your photos published by National Geographic is a rarity and an honor, but to get two separate photos published by two separate Nat Geo editors in one week, well that's just friggin sweet!!! My photo "Etched" was just published in the Nat Geo Your Shot - "Plant Kingdom" story online. I love this for a couple of reasons. First, there were almost 9,200 photos submitted to this story that the editor had to choose from, and he chose mine as one the only 28 that made the story - so huge honor there. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE STORY ONLINE Second is that this photo represents artistic vision and effort. I was in this forest in Chilliwack and for some reason had t

A '4 Element Photo' published in today's National Geographic Daily Dozen...

There is no better news (for me) to wake up to than an email from National Geographic telling you they have published one of your photos! It's always an honor to have an editor from Nat Geo like your work enough to feel it deserves publication - so huge thanks to Nat Geo for doing so today! CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTO ON NAT GEO WEBSITE I like that the editor (Kristen M.) liked this photo for the same reason I did - it shows the resilience of nature, that it perseveres through hardship - always. Here is the editor's note below. So huge thanks again Nat Geo - you made my day for sure! Peace, S.

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