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4EP Announcement: Shane Kalyn is now a proud team member of the amazing non-profit group 'The C

This day is an exciting one for me; a proud moment that I am beyond stoked for and happy to announce! I was asked to join the team at 'The Canid Project' and immediately accepted.

I am very proud to be involved with a group as special as this - a small team of amazing photographers from around the world, photographers that I look up to and admire, but more importantly a group that strives to protect the natural world by connecting their audiences to the importance and beauty of the natural world through their images.

"The Canid Project's mission, as a global creative conversation, is to document and share the stories of not just wild canids, but also the stories of humans and the wild canids who enter each other's lives in some capacity. We actively present this creative and educational information through our photography, non-fiction narrative, conservation photography workshops, and community outreach to inspire and educate the public. We strive to shed light on how these relationships shape our views on the wild canid species and the ramifications, both negative and positive, they present"

My role with TCP will be to provide image content but more importantly to help educate as a co-lead on canid-focused photography workshops hosted at various locations around the world by the Canid Project. The aim with these photo workshop is to provide experiences that will not just focus on photography, but also on how you can use your photography for conservation and education. We will focus strongly on the ethics of wildlife photography, ethics of urban wildlife and wildlife photography, and the proper way to approach and photograph wildlife. Each workshop is led by carefully selected ethical wildlife photographers and we strive to work with conservation-based organizations and projects that provide unique and intimate information throughout our workshops by way of professional researchers and biologists. Proceeds from these workshops go directly to The Canid Project to help fund educational endeavors and outreach, the fox rehab in Louisiana, as well conservation partners involved in the subject of the photography workshops.

So huge thanks to Amy and to the rest of the team I am very excited to work with all of you - to be a part of this is a huge honor and one of the proudest moments of my photographic career!!!

So give these guys a follow/like and spread the love to a group working hard to protect and educate about wild canids.

Thanks so much, Shane.

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