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TWO black and white '4 Element Photos' received awards at the 2017 Monochrome Awards...

As a photographer you slowly and gradually start to develop your own style. Its usually not a conscious choice, but rather a culmination of you photographing the things you love which for me has always been the natural world. But as I have progressed as a photographer and I look through my portfolio, it has become very clear to me I am also drawn to colour; just have a scroll through my Instagram feed (@4elementphotos) and see, it is quite evident.

That said, it seems natural for me to create colourful images as that is how I see the world now, but in reality, the images I am most struck by and impacted by are black and whites. In my opinion it is very difficult to create an impactful B+W image because all of the elements have to work together, contrast, tone, subject, in order to create something powerful. So I have worked at that, training my eyes to see in B+W instead of colour which is more difficult than it sounds!

So, for me to receive not one but two awards (both Honorable Mentions in the Nature category) in the 2017 Monochrome Awards, I am beyond excited. So a big thanks to the judging panel for this year's competition, this one means a lot to me!!

Peace, S.

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