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4 Element Photos featured in an article by WIX celebrating Nature Photography Day...

Wix is an amazing company, I use them to create this website in fact. I love how they connect with their users and showcase their work, dealings unheard of by a typical large business - that's what sets Wix apart for me, they seem to give a shit. Frequently they have shared my work on their social media accounts just to spread the word and provide artists like me with a chance to showcase our work to new audiences, and increase our exposure at seemingly no benefit to them - amazing!

Again, Wix has taken the time to display my work, this time in a lovely article celebrating world Nature Photography Day (June 15). Even better, they chose to highlight my fox photos which are near and dear to my heart, now even more considering I am now a team member of The Canid Project ( where we strive to educate about and protect wild canid species across the globe.

So WIX, thanks! You go above and beyond and it is much appreciated.

Peace, S.

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