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Join myself and amazing wildlife photographer Amy Shutt ( in the beautiful setting of coastal Washington state for 3 full days of Red Fox photography!!!

Our aim with The Canid Project workshops is to provide experiences that will not just focus on the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography, but also on how you can use your photography for conservation and education, focusing strongly on the ethics of wildlife photography.

Amy and myself have spent many years photographing wild foxes and together we will use our understanding of fox family dynamics and behaviours to get you in the best position to create beautiful photographs, while at the same time respecting our subjects and acting ethically in our approaches.


TWO TOURS in 2021

Tour 1: May 26 - 30 (only 2 spots left)

Tour 2: May 31 - June 3 (SOLD OUT)

Partial proceeds from this workshop go directly to The Canid Project's red fox rehabilitation efforts...


Based out of Louisiana and founded in 2016, this project's mission, as a global creative conversation, is to educate about and protect wild canid species around the world.  Directly, TCP operates the only species-specific fox rehabilitation program in Louisiana, where they rescue, rehabilitate and return orphaned Red and Gray Foxes to the wild.  In addition to this, educating the public about wild canids is a key TCP delivery.  The Canid Project educates by offering wildlife photography mentorships and scholarships/grants for teens and through a variety of conservation-focused photography workshops which take place globally.  These canid-centric workshops (which I am very proud to co-lead on) offer participants first hand field experience with these beautiful animals but more importantly focus on how to utilize ethical wildlife photography for conservation and education purposes.

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