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Shane Kalyn is a Vancouver-based photographer who has a sincere passion and love for the natural world.   He is inexplicably drawn to the Earth’s four natural elements: Air, Earth, Fire, & Water.  Representing these essential building blocks of life, Shane, through his photography, tries to highlight one or more of these elements while capturing a mood or intimacy in his photographs that tend to draw the viewer in.

Self-taught, Shane’s passion for photography was cultivated from his exposure to the natural world at a young age.  Studying fish & wildlife management in university, Shane now works as a fisheries technician with the Canadian government - a job he loves and that takes him to some amazing and remote corners of his home province of British Columbia.  He is a natural wanderer as well.  Never content to sit still, he has traveled to over 45 countries with no plans on stopping. 

In 2018, Shane joined the team at The Canid Project (, a small wild-canid welfare non-profit and is now the Director of Canid Conservation Photography Workshops offered by the group.

Shane has received many international photography awards with recent category wins the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Big Picture Natural World and Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year competitions, awards he is very much humbled by.  His work has also been published by both nationally and internationally and can bee seen in National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Canadian Geographic Travel, Nature's Best, British Columbia Magazine and BBC Earth,  

“my honest desire with creating this website is that through my photography i hope to show that the beauty of the natural world is absolutely worth protecting.....mother nature has already done the work i just point my camera at it and press the shutter” 


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..."I was very proud to have my photo Coho World displayed in such a unique, interactive and impactful way on the steps of Surrey City Hall, all in the hopes of raising awareness of issues surrounding the survival of urban salmon stocks...this installation will be on display for the better part of 2016"...

interested in a similar installation. contact shane below

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